Functional Medicine for Chronic Stress-related Health Conditions

Health and Nutrition Courses

Unleash the power of functional nutrition and lifestyle medicine to improve your health and wellbeing naturally.

Get to the root cause of your health issues and learn how to use your food as medicine.

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About the Courses

You will not need any special equipment to log onto the courses, just internet access from the device you are using.

The courses are divided into weekly sessions with each one offering you a lesson for the week, meal plans, cookery demonstrations and printable recipes for you to try at home.

If you want to gain a greater understanding of your personal circumstances, you will learn all about the functionl medicine approach to your specifica conditon. There will be videos, lifestyle tips, printouts from the Institute for Functional Medicine and much more.

Throughout the course you will also have access to online meal plans with an interactive menu and a recipe ‘bucket’ with lots of delicious, simple recipes to choose from. Once you have adjusted your weekly meal plan to your taste, you can print out your grocery list for the week so you can save money by purchasing exactly the quantities you need. There is even the option to have ‘leftovers’ on another day!

The real beauty is that although these meal plans will be ideal for your health condition, all the recipes are family-friendly meals that you can all enjoy together. They are quick and easy to make and do not require any particular skills.

Our Mission

To inspire healthy living around the world by teaching people how to use food as medicine.

Our Vision

For everyone to reach their full potential naturally without the need to be on lifelong medication for avoidable chronic health problems.

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is a holistic way of looking at your food as a way to improve your health. It focuses on the therapeutic benefits of food and how every individual has different dietary and metoabolic needs. . By understanding the intricate relationship between food and our body's functions, functional nutrition empowers us to optimize our health through personalized dietary interventions. This emerging field encompasses various aspects of nutrition science, including biochemistry, physiology, and genetics so you can either do the course alongside having your functional testing done, or you can use these courses as a stand-alone way of improving your health and wellbeing overall.

What you will get


Root Cause Medicine for your condition

Our range of courses is increasing all the time. If you cannot see your condition listed, please contact Simone and she will add it to the list. Once a critical mass of clients request a course, we will create it.

Online Meal Plans

Bespoke meal plans that you can adjust to your taste safe in the knowledge that all the recipes are chosen with your health goal in mind.

Professional Help is at Hand

Simone Buehner, Director of Barefoot Medicine Ltd is on hand to support you. With over 20 years experience in natural healthcare she is registered with the world-renowned Institute for Functional Medicine and she is also a Senior Associate at the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK. Simone and her team are available to support you.

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Where can I find an online health and nutrition course for my condition?

We are constantly updating our range of online health and nutrition courses so if your does not appear here yet, please email Simone at [email protected] and she will be happy to help.

Are the functional testing kits included in the online course?

No, but if you decide that you would like to do some of all of the functional testing that is covered in the course, you can reach out to Simone and she will first check that the test is the right one for you by asking some health questions, then she will place an order with the laboratory for you.

Will I have access to the online meal plans after the course?

The online meal plans will be available to you throughout the duration of the course, then if you wish to continue to use them, you can subscribe to receive weekly updates.

What should I do after completing the course?

The course will equip you with everything you need to know to start making nutritional and lifestyle changes to improve your health. However, many people find that they need some extra support with implementation either through a personalized health strategy based on their lab results that they can implement themselves, or a supported programme with a health coach. Book a free discovery call with Simone to discuss all these options.
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Learn how to use your food as medicine and lifestyle as tonic.